About Ignition Team

At Ignition Gamers, we know you want the best for your son, you want him to grow up and live a normal, independent life.

In order to do this, you need him to have a community he enjoys that will help him develop the skills he will need.

The problem is, you are continually battling the system, finding yourself trying to explain his situation to people who say they understand, but don't really.

This is frustrating, leaving you to wonder if anything will truly change.​

We believe your son can become independent and can enjoy watching the transformation occur, while freedom grows for both of you.

Here's how we do it:

Step 1: Start Here

Follow the instructions and ensure this is the right program for your son. Once confirmed, the service agreement is signed, services chosen, and staff allocated.

Step 2: Build Connection

Connection begins by us picking him up from a designated place. Will and the other drivers will help him feel comfortable (they talk primarily about video games).

Step 3: Happy & Independent

He has a group of mates, confidence grows with a vision for the future. He learns how to be independent and you can have peace knowing he will be ok.

Please note: The “pick-up” is critical to the whole process of your son’s transformation. We do not take new clients unless we are picking them up from an agreed location.

So click "Start Here" and apply for a place for your son, so you can feel the relief of watching the transformation begin.